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Dairy of a middle aged woman page9

By Eveafrique Business and News, 06:27am

Dear Dairy,

Somebody once said ” a strong friendship does not need daily conversation”

This is the best description for my tripartite relationship with Halima , myself and Ruth. We grew up as children in the same neighborhood and have remain 9year old girls in our friendship.Still pure , trusting, unpretentious,with one another.

Halima is from a different kind of Northern family, therefore she was allowed to go to school as much as she wanted though betrothed at childhood to her father’s Associates son, himself very enlightened , he schooled mostly in Switzerland, and is well schooled like most of his kind, they got married when she was ready and thought a devout Muslim, he did not marry other wives as allowed by tradition, but supported Halima to be as expressive as she desired in pursuit of her dreams and fancies. A doting husband, 100 yards charmimg and quite debonair in the most subtle sense that it takes a discerning eye to interprete his Designer’s preferences.

They were such a wonder couple I always thought.
Therefore the news of Rabiu’s passing was quite heart wrenching for us, we therefore wasted no time to go be with the Other Part of our couple crush.

As has become the tradition since my Abuja trip with Otumba , all my worries were well sorted before I could even think of a strategy. I still pinch myself as to the realiness or dream state of my present circumstances largely because of my age I think.

Why is this man so Caring and considerate of me, I hope I do not get mentally laid back from all this …..I mean ….This man eases my challenge per time before I even rise to it ….how romantic!

I still relish memories from that Abuja trip , where I was wooed like a 21 year old, just when I discarded all thoughts of been fancied in any way by a man. I mean…i wasn’t looking and didn’t look.

With the pressure from the build up to that moment when Otumba officially asked me for a deeper relationship, the extent he went to make me comfortable with him, the ambience and my history, I would have been a fool to resiist him.

Dear Diary , I was absolutely over run by the entire everything, in retrospect I think I felt very grateful to be so desired by such a fine specimen of manhood in Sight , character and charm , though I still had /have my reservations regarding the realness and purity of his intensions, but dear dairy , as that evening progressed and it clearly was leading to us using one bed Instead of the 2 separate beds we had in that facility I was so ready my body trembled.

When the thrust finally came dear dairy my heart exploded joyfully in a thousand directions and I thought have I ever had this kind of experience having sex before?

The kiss , the touch , the thrust that blew my heart and when the organ came to my mouth straight from my passage ……….it was a full deployment of fireworks in one session and afterwards I asked myself ” what gave me the impression that this man perhaps would be limp in the bedroom going by his age “?

Mtschew ………Dear Dairy , we came to mourn with those mourning , let Me return to my friend Duties , I ,ll come to you Soon…i have some destabilising gist for you, i ll be back!

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