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Different Ways to Style a Blazer

by Mitchelle Uzorka 

What Is a Blazer?

A blazer is similar to a suit jacket but is cut a little looser and often has stylized metal buttons that make it better for casual outfits. Whereas sports coats have patterns that coordinate with pants, blazers tend to be solid-color jackets with contrasting buttons. Blazers are highly versatile and customizable, making them easy to go with many different outfits.

When to wear a Blazer?

• For a last-minute client meeting

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, jeans and brogues or brogue boots


• For when you can’t tell if an event is formal or not

Outfit: Blazer, t-shirt, formal trousers and Derby shoes


• For a “grown-up” party or a nice dinner out

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, chinos and brogues


•For a wedding

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, formal trousers and Derbies


Types of blazers

Much has changed in the hundred or so years since the blazer’s introduction. Garments that were once custom-made to identify their wearers as members of a group or organization are now wardrobe staples.

They have come to signify individuality and flair rather than conformity. This chapter will dig a little deeper into the blazer’s adaptability, and it will explore the ways this versatile garment can help you look good in just about any situation.

Traditional Blazer
Double breasted Blazer
Cape Blazer
Cropped Blazer
Blazer Dress

Instead of reaching for a shawl or a leather jacket, try a blazer. It’s a more elevated and modern option for formal events.

Given that you likely already own one of these babies, we’re rounding up 5 easy yet head-turning ways to wear a blazer, ahead.

Under a Coat
With Neutral Pieces
With Jeans and a Tee
Over a Bralette 
Styled With Leggings 




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