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Benin Fashion in the 80’s

By Mitchelle Uzorka 

Fashion has always been an integral part of the Nigerian Culture.

Nigerian men & women have always been lovers of Fashion. They make fashion statements with their clothes, beads, hairstyles, caps, etc.

The Bini people are especially known for their clothes, their unique hairstyles for the women wrapped in Beads.

Bini/Edo Traditional outfit is worn by the male Edo of south south in Nigeria during festive or traditional functions. It comes as a 2 pc set of top and long gathered skirt. Wear with crown, neck bead and bracelet.

Bini Traditional attire for Men

The Edo wedding attire worn by brides during their traditional wedding ceremony is so rich and regal. They look like true african queens in their beaded coral attires.

To start off with, Edo brides have their hair made into a unique hairstyle known as Eto-Okuku. Coral beads are then sewn into the hair to form of a crown know as the Okuku. Many opt to buy a ready made wig which comes with the hair styled and the crown sewn in.

Edo Bride

Brides also tie beautiful wrappers made from a variety of fabrics including velvet, lace and george. Over the wrapper tied at their waist, some Edo brides wear the Ewu-ivie, a beaded cape or blouse. They also adorn their necks with coral beads known as Ivie-uru and wear the Ivie-obo on their hands. To complete the regal traditional Edo wedding look, brides wear beaded earrings – Emi-ehorivie, and carry a handbag made out of coral beads as well – the Ekpa-ivie.

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