Eveafrique News Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ebidenyefa Tarila-Nikade


Ebidenyefa Tarila-Nikade is the founder of Creative Xpressions International, a Media and Education Consulting Firm, and  Programme Director of Spelling Bee Bayelsa,  an acclaimed educational competition in the Niger Delta.

She holds a Bachelor of Education degree in English Studies from the Institute of Education, Ibadan (RSCOE), and a Master’s degree in English Studies from the University of Port Harcourt. In 2022, she earned a PhD with distinction in English and Communication Art, specializing in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis, from the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education.

With extensive experience as an administrator and broadcast journalist, Ebidenyefa currently serves as a staff member of the Bayelsa State Post Primary Schools Board teaching the English Language at Community Secondary School, Swali.

She is an active member of professional associations such as the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN), the Pragmatics Association of Nigeria (PrAN), the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), and the English Language Teachers Association (ELTAN). She is the vice chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) – Bayelsa State Chapter.

She is the author of  14 Letters to My Lazy Lover, Jude’s Reply: 8 Letters to Ayefa, My Darling, and Ebiama: The Gloryland( A Play). The Other Room & Other Poems, Vulnerable Chronicles, a spellbinding novel, These Words Are Not Mine, a collection of soulful poetry, Diary of A Writer, a journal gleaned from Facebook.

When not immersed in her literary pursuits, she’s engrossed in academic research. She’s married to Dr. Tarila Nikade, FCA, and their union is blessed with a daughter, Angel Oyinpreye Nikade.

In an exclusive interview with EveAfrique Lifestyle Magazine Dr. Ebidenya Traila Nikade shared her inspiring journey of personal growth and transformation. From a young age, she faced numerous struggles and obstacles, but through sheer determination and courage, she not only overcame them but also dedicated her life to uplifting others.