After APC under Buhari and Akpabio used the Ministry of Niger Delta any how, sucking it and everything we fought for and got in the past 20 years dry, Tinubu comes along, fulfilling his promise to continue where Buhari stopped he has scrapped the Ministry of Niger Delta.

What Reason did he give and when did he speak with the people of Niger Delta.

Niger Delta people in politics, oil and business, how long will you be begging to have a drop of what is yours? If Niger Delta Region will not be developed with Niger Delta oil & gas why should any other region in Nigeria be developed with our oil & gas?

If Niger Delta men & women can not be the big players in oil & gas up & down streams, If Niger Delta people can’t be the richest in Africa & the World why should any other Nigerians BE the RICHEST with our oil abd and gas?

Niger Delta politicians stop selling Niger Delta & the people for your political interests.

Niger Delta Women This Is The Time To Rise, for our Parents, Grand-Parents, Children, Grand-Children & their Future.
Politics is coming for our future. This evening l recall Late Adaka Boro’s words: on February 23 1966, Adaka Boro, Onwonaru & Dick moved out from Touton Ban Camp to make a point, to say, the INJUSTICE is Enough. Boro said, “Not because we are going to bring the heavens down, but because we are going to demonstrate to the world what and how we feel about oppression… Remember your 70-year-old grandmother who still farms to eat, remember your poverty-stricken people, and then remember too, your petroleum which is being pumped out daily from your veins, and then fight for FREEDOM.”

Boro, Owonaru, Dick and their few believers were unaware of the gas Nigeria pipes to the world today from our veins and our children’s veins. Boro, Owonaru, and Dick were unaware of the gas, International Oil Companies and FG flares to kill us, Boro, Owonaru, and Dick DID NOT KNOW, his beloved people of the Niger Delta will today be as they were when he declared war on Injustice inflicted on them, they did not know the Nigeria he fought against and then fought for, will today not only take away our resources but kill some of us, and turn the living ones into beggars, with help from our own selfish politicians.

I am reminded and do agree with Boro today when he said years ago: “we had long sought a separate state not because they (we) loved power but because their (our) conditions were (are) peculiar and the authorities did not, (do not) understand their (our) problems.”

My question to ALL Niger Delta Indigenous, Ethnic Nations is WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?
Are we Blind, Deaf and Dumb?
When will we realize Nigeria will not stop until the Resources in Niger Delta is finished.


This article was written by Annkio Briggs, a human rights activist who Penned her thoughts bothering on affairs of the Ministry of Niger Delta. Briggs in this article thought that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu scrapped the Ministry of Niger Delta in the recent list of Ministerial Portfolios.

However, President Bola Tinubu has approved the redeployment of Engr. Abubakar Momoh from the Federal Ministry of Youth to the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Development.

This was contained in statement signed by Special Adviser to the President Ajuri Ngelale, on 20 August 2023.