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Port Harcourt City One Love family join Uzo Ekpecham and his siblings in Owerri.

By Blessing Bliss Chukwuma 

With a renewed commitment to the famed Port Harcourt Friendship Spirit, the Port Harcourt City One Love family joined Uzo Ekpecham in Owerri during the Rites of his dear dad Pa Moses Egenashi Ekpecham
7th Aug, 1937-19th Sep, 2023.

From their departure at their Take off location down to Owerri, the bond of friendship and the commitment to maintain was strongly visible and manifested.

The PH CITY “One Love Dream”.

Five years ago, a group of Port Harcourt city men and women reminiscing on their growing up years that were filled with love and laughter and the concern for each other’s wellbeing, decided to do something about this great spirit that is gradually being lost due to the pressure of life.
Thus Portharcourt City One Love was conceived.

What is the “One Love Spirit”?

It is a Spirit desirous of embellishing the virtue of Love, Peace and Unity in the hearts of those who were either born, schooled, resided or worked in Port Harcourt through the 50s to the 80s. It is not a political union, it does not consider religion or ethnicity but camaraderie built through the years of growing up in the city.

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