Open letter to Governor Siminilaye Fubara (GSSRS) and FCT minister, Chief Ezenwo Nyesom Wike (CON, GSSRS) By Admiral Festus Porbeni


I write this letter in all sense of responsibility as an Elder Statesman in Rivers State and Nigeria.

I worked in the Brick House, with Governor Alfred Diette Spiff, the first Military Governor of Rivers State as a Sub lieutenant in 1971, I also worked with (Retired) Admiral Sulieman Saidu, the Military Administrator of Rivers State in 1978 when he was COMMANDING officer of the NNS AKASO. I was the Lieutenant Commando and Executive officer of the NNS AKASO and his Defacto next in COMMAND when he was military Administrator of Rivers State in 1978. Furthermore, former Rivers State Governor, (Retired) Col Dauda Komo (1994 – 1996) worked with me, when I was a member of the PRC, Provisional Ruling Council And Flag Officer, Eastern Naval Command, I therefore have reasonable knowledge of the BRICK HOUSE.

It baffles me that what happened between former Governor(s) Rotimi Amaechi and Nyesom Wike in 2017 is now repeating itself in the person of Nyesom Wike now FCT minister and Governor Siminilaye Fubara.

As an Elder statesman with experience in Rivers state history and investment(s) in Rivers state, I here by call for reason and peace between current, Governor Siminilaye Fubara and FCT minister in the person of Nyesom Wike.

Peace is the linkage between Development and Democracy.

There is need for peace in Rivers state to attract investment and development.

When I left public office in 1999 as a Federal minister, Rivers state was higher than Lagos interms of investment opportunities when embassies and Federal ministries relocated to newly created FCT, Abuja.

However because of the development accumen of President Bola Tinubu who was then Governor of Lagos. He was able to attract development and peace to Lagos by creating the right atmosphere for investment. Today Lagos economy is the 5th largest in Africa

In conclusion. I urge Governor Siminilaye Fubara and the FCT minister, Chief Nyesom Wike to put aside thier ego and put Rivers state first before personal interest(s)

God bless Nigeria. God bless Rivers state. God bless the Ijaw nation.


Admiral Festus Porbeni.(mni, CFR) Retired.