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Diary of a middle-aged woman part11

By Eveafrique Business and News

Dear Dairy,

Since we got back from kano , I have entered one of my moods. This is because of the popular saying which says “to fail to plan is plan to fail” which has so come alife in my Spirit man that ease is now my enemy.


As we Left Halima to return back to base these words kept haunting me. Halima had found time to chat more with us since we we’ll be leaving soon and conversations naturally drifted to the way forward for her and the kids .


From these conversations I got to get a peek Into Halima,s financial life and all I saw were plans ,plans ,plans well executed, a few failures but more success and therefore a semi roburst financial circumstance is in place for her and her children.


The conversations also give me a better peep into their planned lifestyle and supposed luxurious life , It Is all in a plan !!!


I soberly look at my impulsive life and lifestyle and realised that almost every thing I do is sort of impulsive if you ask me , i did not take time to check out my children,s schools before enrolling them in terms of a long term payment plan , I was too excited about my pregnancy and the subsequent birth of my first child , to check the long term financial consequences of the school I choose for him. I was “faithing” it all along, but i see now that there is a better way and it is within “faithing”, .my thoughts then were we could afford it and it was one of the best schools in our area , I didn’t think of a separation and there pressure of a single purse an opposed to a combined purse because trust me the liquidity of a purse within a marriage and a committment ro that purse outside a marriage is miles, miles, miles apart , Philip and I didnt have Bonds or stocks, or investments, we only had 2 good jobs from which we managed to pay school fees for our now three children and buy a landed property somewhere.


We didn’t have any sort of long term financial plan or forecasts ……. chaii!


Now i get how some people seem to have their plans achieved so effortlessly. We say they are rich .yes they are rich because they have financial intelligence.Apart from been smart, and a gogetter and a prudent person, I now understand the place of financial intelligence.


I wonder , it is too late to start, what milage will one achieve? When Halima told us of her pension plan I grasped loudly ! I thought it was only employees that had a pension plan!!!! , this my Girl has investments from ARM and another investment platform .

Also I noticed that in all the luxury , Halima and Rabiu lived a moderate life in their consumabkes and consumptions!




For the first time in months Otumba calls does not excite me . I am busy examing my errors and bad judgements , this loverboy in charge of multiple women should leave me alone please


How does he manage all of us ? Though my body is excited at the sound of his phone call , yet, the revelation of his 2 full capacity wives who even happen to be younger than me dampens my foolish excitement….Meanwhile, what about Side chicks? Who know our actual number? And then am i even a Side Chick or Side Hen? Hahahahaha…..These are sober moments for me please!


The bedroom fireworks flash through my thoughts and I wonder if it was as nice as I followed myself to think or if it was a case of scarcity….hahahaha….you know that feeling of when you are so hungry that the first meal you take would taste so delicious.


Let me try and put in some work please, I have a Report to submit first thing in the morning.


Hugs xxx


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