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Diary of a middle aged woman page5

By Eveafrique Business and News, 9:25am

Dear Diary, it has been a while I know, but my table has been deliciously full with attention and activities from my “silent” admire abi friend sef, I really do not know where he falls into.

I have come to realise that a World exists outside of the World we know per time and until we spread our net and ourselves we will never know it. Connecting with Otumba at that conference has opened me up to a level of worth and self appreciation I never knew I could enjoy in my life time. Inspite of the validations i give myself every now and then, i find the attention and care i get from Otumba quite satisfying.

During that weekend the girls spent with Ruth I was so engrossed in my friend’s pain that I didn’t bother to check my mails, besides it was the weekend, and a much needed break so work can wait i thought, i didnt think anyone would be checking on me for me sake, who checks on me by the way? Otumba, my sweet distraction had gone to the Abraka golf turf, I had no idea on how that will play out, besides he was just a hang out buddy so you can imagine my surprise when I went online and found a barrage of messages from him enquiring severally about my state, my friend’s state, if we needed any form of assistance, etc and I was wowed.

You see, prior to now I didn’t have any man check on me. O yes, my siblings check from time to time, but you see man, chai….in all my ten years in marriage I checked on myself by myself. Hahahahaha, on short trips, long trips, work/office runs, I recall how I always had to check on my husband when he is doing the travelling and when I am doing the tavelling….hahhahaha…I remember the longing in my heart when co travelers receive calls from home enquiring about their welfare and the journey….i remember, always, always and always picking my phone to ring home at such times to fill the gap of longing……So you can imagine my joyful shock to find that someone checked on me like this….my heart was smitten please!!!!! Apparently trying to restrain himself he sent mails only but it was quite clear that he had me in mind going by the consistency of the flow…. Wow!….I swallow the rising lump in my throat.

Suddenly I needed to use the convenience, I need a large mirror urgently, did I have a facial makeover? I looked at my outfit which was the usual simple but elegant me, I never was one for too much spice in my outfits, I was looking and thinking, did my workout sessions suddenly yield new results???? Why does this debonair and affluent gentleman pick this much interest in me…..it is 9 weeks already and he has not made an amorous move , yet he continues to show me so much care and attention…..Dear Diary, i think it is simply out of pity, this must be a simple kindhearted and good natured man…..hmmmm….i am not even the seductive or vivacipus looking type, what was I thinking sef…..but I notice the frowns and shifts in demeanor when ever I come across a male acquaintance when we go out….🤔🤔🤔….i dont get it honestly but i enjoy the Dates ….i need them desperately. I am not complaining at all.

The attention, care amd thoughtfulnss has been simply satisfying. A man of few words and plenty actions. The random gifts, the stoic disposition flowing calmly with the flow per time is making my head giddy.

I apologized for my tackiness in communication and another invitation comes for a weekend trip to the Federal capital for a polo tournament…..hmmmm…Polo …..what do they wear to such places, i see them all gaily dressed on facebook during these events, will i fit in? I do not have a hat o…..o my…..i need to prepare for this trip and I have barely 3 days to do this….money nko? They have not paid salaries for two months now,( impact of COVID-19 realities on my company) and my savings has run low….

Any which way I find Billy Ocean’s hit song , Suddenly, playing in my heart from no where…let me kuku download it jor…i cannot kill myself.

Dear Diary pray for me please, this dream is too sweet and I do not want to wake up from it…..i ll see you at the other end of the weekend….one thing is certain , i ll eat good food and choice liquids will be at my disposal…. How old am i again sef? I feel like a little girl on her first date.

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