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Diary of a middle-aged woman part10

By Eveafrique Business and News

Dear Dairy, Someone once said ” all is not as it seems ” it is a phase I use frequently albeit comically not knowing the potency of the saying.

Lying on my bed in far away kano , I watch my roommate in this instance sleep, i had dazzled her with gists upon gist of my romance with Otumba to the point that she slept on me …..LoL.it has been quite a day of stories as we had earlier gisted Halima of our different escapes to the point of her laughing heartily, it was rewarding to see her soul break out in laugher in the face of the painful loss she was going through.

Our abode could be likened to a mini Queen’s room, dizzyly scented with oud diffusers reminding one of shopping malls of Dubai .it is a beautiful place, (Halima’s room is where we are housed) has a bed diaped with blinds which doubled as protection against any sort of flying insects .it is such a romantic place that I can’t help but think of my man and the justice we would have done to the space….. Normally my thoughts dwelth on him and that now famous but memorable night of my initiation..

Even now , after many rivers crossed I still remember the details of that night.i doubt that I ‘ll ever forget it in a hurry . I have never had a better experience till date or will have am thinking.

It was magical….

I recall several conversations with my male colleagues at work over the challenge of getting their spouse/partners to respond as they desire in the bedroom, fantasies and all, now i know it is all about the approach, believe me…..

Me that use to be extremely uptight in the fireworks department is the same person that has responded to Otumba beyond my expectation. Dear Dairy , I have gone to lengths in satisfying this man’s cravings over what I could have ever imagined. That man has marked every point of my body. Every part has a memory hahaha, I can’t even believe I have done half of the stuff I have enjoyed doing with him, i mean , just the other day in church sitting through the entire service time all i thought about was Otumba and the things he had done to my body, the worship of my body parts still caused me to tremble. Snce that my Memorable night , i now behave like a wanton 25 year old newly married ass.

I think of my children and wonder how they’Il judge me if they saw my bedroom moments….. hahahaha…… indeed Wonders shall never cease .

My dear , as much as joy fills my heart over been desired and wooed and served so deliciously I however begin to call myself to order, why? you’ ll ask …..hmmmm……

Dear Dairy , Otumba is MARRIED WITH TWO WIVES !!!

Hahahahahaha, did you get it? Two whooping fully housed wives…shebi they say “wahala no dey finish”

My dear ! Expected…. you’ ll say , hmmmm….i laughed and cried at the same time…my shock came from the off hand way he passed the imformation when i dared to finally ask…somehow it brought me to my tomorrow and the feeling wasn’t pleasant. By the way, i will not tell you it never crossed my mind , but Dear Dairy 2 wives ???

My Heart is semi broken please;

….. O! sleep finally comes! good for me
Please …..we talk later….Kisses!

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