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So here I was minding my business and this fine looking man asks that I kindly have a drink with him.

The conference we were attending was quite intense. Giving no space for me to gather my wits, I was hungry, tired , and my wits had been used up. My plan as I left the conference hall was to find something interesting to eat accompanied by a slightly strong but dark coloured drink.

This was my state of mind as I listened to this fine specimen of manhood. I wonder, which one be this again? Lol. Who is paying? How much do I have to spare? Is this invitation just for “company” or it is a date of a sort?……Ha . who wants to hang out with a “mama” ……

I quickly make a mental note of my spending power, hmmmmm, well, I can….i should be able to spare a few Nairas on a man, my taste and taste buds are high, I am very picky, this one does he know what he is asking for, I wondered.

My life has been uneventful for somwtime now , (3 years to be precise), matter of fact it could be described as DRAB! So I accepted his invitation, no harm seating with a fine man, I hope his mind is as powerful as his looks I wondered.

The Order is exotic. He had asked if he could order for me, and of course I said yes, abeg I don tire to think for myself I thought, meanwhile, I took note of the rates since in my head I will do the paying. Make small pikin no come take me play.

Our hangout and gist is severally interrupted by co conference delegates who stop by to say hello to my new found friend while extending curious stares and some acknowledgements accompanied by compliments which makes me begin to wonder if I was tipsy already. Somehow I didn’t feel that absent look men give you in the presence of another male, obviously my new friend commands quite some regard around here I thought.

Back to my date…. I am intrigued by the attention I am receiving, the care and attention to detail is exhilarating , I find Madonna’s “Whose that girl” playing in my heart on his behalf, lol. Our conversations center on nothing serious, but I note that we laugh a lot and his eyes light up as we laugh and I wonder what I am doing here, I sense danger, but I feel overwhelmed with a certain kind of joy.

Alas it is time to part ways, contact details are exchanged, and we say our goodbyes. Btw, no way was he going to allow me pick the bill, Infact the way his countenance darkened at the suggestion by me almost scared me. My heart smiles and my bank app rejoiced secretly. I could feel some joy juices spreading all-over me and my youth renewed, who no like dash of any sort? I just had good food, great company, laughed enough to serve me for six months…..my gait felt light as I left the conference venue.

So the morning after, I do my morning rituals and proceed to check my mails , behold a musical video “Fresh” by Kool and the Gang drops into my box from you know who…..

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