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Stories of Courage and Hope for those living with Lupus

Sabrina R. – Diagnosed at age 3

I was diagnosed at age three. They tested me because my mom has lupus. My initial symptom was bruising at random, and I was also born with an enlarged spleen. Today, I experience fatigue and joint pain. I recently had a splenectomy because it was causing my hemoglobin to drop very low. I have had multiple blood transfusions and been in and out of the hospital.

My doctors have helped me overall, and I learned very quickly that this is part of my life. I have had to eat certain foods and be extra cautious when around people, especially due to COVID-19. Sometimes, it’s hard not being able to do things that other people do, but my health comes first.

I just keep pushing through and realizing that others have it worse. My advice to people facing lupus is to stay in touch with your doctors and read information about lupus. There are a lot of people out there with your story, and if you stay strong you can still live your life the way you want.

[Lupus Foundation of America]

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